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Network Growth

Process Optimization Services

Unlock the full potential of your network to maximize its efficiency and performance


Our Network Optimization services provide expert consulting, cutting-edge automation solutions, and streamlined implementation procedures.

Benefit from our comprehensive expertise in network optimization strategies

We analyze your existing infrastructure to identify all bottlenecks, vulnerabilities, and areas for improvement. With our thorough assessment, we help develop a tailored roadmap that aligns with your business objectives, ensuring a robust and future-proof network.

and mapping

  • Who is involved at each step?
  • How is each step executed?
  • How does the process flow?
  • Are there any areas
    for automation?

and proposal

  • Definition of an action plan to improve process quality and performance (KPIs)

Continuous Improvement

  • Reduce risk
  • Improve procedures
  • Simplify operations
  • Improve quality
  • Enhance process consistency

Implementation and validation

  • Train the staff regarding the defined action plan
  • Implementation of a designed change
  • Reporting of an achieved objective

Optimize your network performance with automation solutions

Our Network Optimization services harness the power of cutting-edge automation tools to enhance the performance and efficiency of your network. By leveraging automation, you can achieve unparalleled network stability, reduce downtimes, and handle increasing user demands effortlessly.

In today’s fast-paced digital landscape, manual network management is no longer sufficient. Shifting the network infrastructure and services from traditional, on-the-premises setups to cloud-based environments requires automation and orchestration capabilities to streamline the network provisioning, configuration management, and deployment processes. This reduces the manual interventions, increases efficiency, and enables rapid network changes.

Discover our Network Automation & Orchestration Solutions for a multi-vendor and multi-domain environment

We boast deep expertise in network optimization strategies that accelerate your network performance

What We Do

Enhance network performance

Identify inefficiencies and eliminate unnecessary expenses

Ensure that your network is designed to scale effortlessly as your business grows

Create a well-optimized network

Introduce optimization through automatization

What You Gain

A network that operates at its peak potential, delivering faster speeds, at lower latencies, and with improved reliability

Cost Efficiency: reduced operational costs, improved resource utilization, and increased ROI on your network investments

Scalability: adapt to changing market demands, accommodate new technologies, and easily expand your network infrastructure

Enhanced Customer Satisfaction: uninterrupted services, quicker responses, higher quality, boosting satisfaction and retention rates

Competitive Advantage: reliability, speed, and innovation, attracting new customers and strengthening your position on the market

Discover our case studies for Process Optimization Services

01 Case study


A network operator faced a new challenge related to the legacy DWDM platform.
The “theoretical” support for 200G services needed to be tested and implemented.


VECTOR TECHNOLOGIES prepared a laboratory infrastructure for a tailored configuration based on the operator’s requirements. Test results showed that new 200G services could work properly with no influence on other 10G and 100G services within this network.


The operator received all the test results and conclusions and shared them with a hardware vendor. The vendor finally accepted them and provided standard support for that solution.


VECTOR TECHNOLOGIES executed the tests as well as designed and deployed advanced optical solutions. As a result, the network capacity was doubled and the initial cost assumptions were met.

02 Case study


The operator had a challenge related to delays in the delivery of customized services for business customers.


VECTOR TECHNOLOGIES analyzed the common problems reported by the operator. The outcome of the analysis was that the current implementation process had several inconsistencies and required many steps to be done manually.


VECTOR TECHNOLOGIES proposed an optimized version of the process and defined the requirements for a new workflow system that included many elements related to automation.


As a result, 96% of services are now delivered on time (2x more than before). The process is streamlined. Human effort has been minimized through automation. Services provided by the operator have become more competitive in the market.

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  • Creating low-level physical designs
  • Preparation of logical configurations
  • Preparation of HE/hub floor plan
  • Preparation of method statement
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