Network Growth - Deployment Services

Network Growth
Deployment Services

We seamlessly implement devices in the access network for Communication Service Providers


We are vendor-agnostic and work on all client platforms, providing the highest flexibility that can adapt to your needs.

Logical configuration of your access network devices

In addition to the implementation of new devices, our company provides comprehensive services encompassing the modification of specific configuration elements within functioning networked devices. This entails the incorporation of additional functionalities or the expansion of the channel plan. The driving factors prompting the utilization of these services include firmware modifications or business requirements such as enhancing transmission velocity or integrating coverage in previously unaddressed regions.

We carry out the complete range of activities associated with the implementation of new devices to the access networks. This encompasses the establishment of connections for the new device, providing logical configuration, and configuring the device to align with your specific requirements.

We generate a tailored configuration file that aligns with your specifications, incorporating a suitable structure that corresponds to the particular vendor’s device. Upon launching the device with the updated configuration, we conduct thorough verification of its functionality within the network, promptly rectifying any encountered errors. Throughout our collaboration, you can expect regular reports detailing the accomplished tasks.

Use our skills and expertise to seamlessly implement new devices into your network

Our team of experienced engineers carries out all tasks related to the implementation of new devices to the client’s access network. We have proven skills and many years of practice in leading deploy services for our clients.

A team of engineers with the necessary skills and competences to handle your network

We’re 100% vendor-agnostic – we work with all client platforms without exception

High flexibility – ready to adapt to the ever-changing needs of our clients, whether it’s scaling the size of the team or adjusting the schedule

Expertise in CCAP rollouts

For the CCAP devices that are already working in your network, we offer configuration changes, resulting from your business needs, such as upgrading firmware or adding new functionalities.

The process of implementation of a new CCAP device includes logical configuration, preparing a configuration file according to your requirements, launching the device, and verifying that everything works as expected. We provide reports to keep you informed on project progress.

We perform

Configuration upgrade – Downstream and Upstream


Support in logical equipment configuration

And more


We configure multivendor platforms (e.g. CommScope, Cisco, Juniper, Infinera, Vector, and others

High quality
and performance

We continuously monitor
the quality of our services to minimize errors. We implement automation to increase performance

High competencies

We are specialized
in various technologies
and architectures such as: DOCSIS, DAA,
XGS-PON, Metro/CIN, Core IP/Optical


We provide
deployment services
tailored to the needs of customers.
We make changes related to: network configuration, architecture, new services addition, capacity increase, SW/FW upgrade, system integration, automation

What We Do

Deploy configuration in the multivendor environment

Deploy configuration related to various technologies

Scale the team depending on the client’s requirements

Organize a team of skilled and experienced engineers

Use automation tools to improve the deployment process

What You Gain

One point of contact / Less subcontractors / Easier Project Management / Holistic approach

Speed up the deployment / Cost optimization / Efficient resource utilization

Risk reduction / Increased network quality / Less mistakes / Low time-to-market

Risk reduction / Increased network quality / Less mistakes / Low time-to-market

Accelerating the implementation / Minimize human errors

Discover a Case Study for our Network Growth - Deployment Services

With years of expertise and successful projects across a variety of industries, our team has proven experience in delivering excellent results.


Following the merger of cable and mobile operators, new synergy requirements have emerged.
The legacy cable network infrastructure was planned to be used to expand the mobile backhaul network.
A partner combining the DOCSIS, Metro/CIN, Core Network competencies was required.


VECTOR TECHNOLOGIES was selected as a highly competent partner combining all required technologies.
Moreover, the deployed architecture was designed and tested by another VECTOR TECHNOLOGIES team.


It took just 6 months to reconfigure over 400 CCAPs and Core routers. The CIN architecture was introduced supporting not only existing services but also allowing the network to pass mobile backhaul traffic


The synergy effect has been accelerated in terms of shared infrastructure for cable and mobile services. The operator was able to make a rapid 5G network rollout whilst keeping all cost assumptions. Both Faster Time-To-Market for mobile services and increased competitiveness has been achieved

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Contact us today to see if we’re the right partner for your needs!