Customer profile

One of Europe’s largest and most reliable mobile operator with a broadband network offering the fastest broadband services available.
The customer has 49.3 million broadband, mobile, TV and home phone connections. The fixed network currently passes 15.9 million premises along with the mobile network, which covers 99% of the country’s population with 4G services, and more than 600 towns and cities with 5G services.

Challenges Overview

Due to the diversification of suppliers as one of the strategy pillars, the telecommunications operator faced the challenge of introducing a second XGS-PON vendor with an SDN controller in a specific network environment.
The introduction of a new vendor as a sufficient alternative required a series of tests covering the functional scope as well as tests based on the operator’s service model. Due to the lack of free engineering resources, the operator commissioned VECTOR TECHNOLOGIES to conduct E2E performance platform tests with an SDN Controller and a new aggregation switch (100Gbps).


We started with the preparation of a test scope, which covered all key functionalities, and ultimately was to confirm the hardware and the SDN controller compliance in the client’s network. Based on the customer service model, we jointly developed and performed tests, both in the VECTOR TECHNOLOGIES laboratory and in the client’s environment.

As a result, we identified problems related to the upstream priority and revealed challenges related to the integration of the SDN controller with OSS. We fixed the issue by requiring system upgrades from the vendor. We delivered a 100% customized solution with full test documentation.


  • We took 100% responsibility for tests and solutions along with arrangements with the vendor, which was a huge relief of the customer’s resources
  • The solution has become ready for implementation in the client's infrastructure
  • We identified challenges/problems/functional shortcomings of the software at the implementation stage, which significantly shortened the implementation time and costs