VECTOR TECHNOLOGIES, European competence center, which has consistently undertaken the challenge of adapting its activity to changing Multiple System Operators needs, is proudly announcing that it will provide high-level services that support Distributed Access Architecture (DAA) implementations.

VECTOR TECHNOLOGIES, which is known for delivering advanced technology solutions to top players in the telecommunication market, is now a technology consultant in Remote PHY deployment. What’s more, the need for a specific environment that tests and validates HFC equipment has led us to renovate the VECTOR TECHNOLOGIES laboratories with a focus on DOCSIS and DAA development.

“We have made a substantial investment in internal resources that unlock the ability to provide professional services in Europe. With the 30 years of experience, we have gained in the telecommunication market, we are able to offer extended support in Network Transformation Consulting, System Integration, Tests & Validation, Design & Implementation and Regression Tests”, explains Jakub Bukowski, Sales Engineering Director, VECTOR TECHNOLOGIES. “Existing HFC networks now are forced to keep pace with growing demand. Most MSOs are already aware of the benefits that Next Generation Access Networks bring, and so the question that they are struggling with now is not if, but how. This problem appears when operators find it hard to implement changes themselves while maintaining quality and transforming the network at reasonable investment levels. Whether we are talking about centralised or distributed architecture, VECTOR TECHNOLOGIES can help define the best directions for development that is adapted to the customer’s environment.” 

The current business diversification is the result of the proven services that this Polish vendor has been providing to the world’s largest operators. Designing, integrating, and optimizing end-to-end solutions, as well as finding innovative ways to significantly decrease OPEX costs is a key strategic assumption for VECTOR TECHNOLOGIES in supporting its customers.

“Our company has hired a team of over 20 professional engineers with deep experience and knowledge in RF, DOCSIS and IP technology. Our experts can be relied on to choose the most suitable solutions for Remote PHY hardware and software development“, says Mateusz Sulikowski, Sales Director, VECTOR TECHNOLOGIES. “Introducing game-changing architecture to existing infrastructure is a solution that will allow the best possible leverage of DOCSIS 3.1® capabilities. Therefore, one of the primary purposes of building the test environment as close as possible to the operator’s network is to identify all bottlenecks before they limit deployments. Working closely with global MSOs and gathering their feedback is essential to deliver a quick response to the current and future challenges of the network’s evolution.


VECTOR TECHNOLOGIES is part of VECTOR GROUP – a dynamically growing European technology consortium operating on the global markets. It draws on the extensive experience and competencies that VECTOR has accrued over the 30 years of its business activity in delivering telecommunication solutions and services.

VECTOR TECHNOLOGIES aims to satisfy the telecommunication market’s rapidly growing demand for dedicated solutions and services in the field of Next Generation Access Networks

As an experienced partner, VECTOR TECHNOLOGIES:

  • Has proven field experience in managing turnkey projects for DOCSIS 2.0, DOCSIS 3.0 and DOCSIS 3.1 networks,
  • Offers validation tests for Remote PHY and associated technologies in dedicated laboratories,
  • Is permanently involved in Remote PHY and Remote MAC PHY standard development (hardware and software),
  • Has developed its own validation platform (CCAP Core Simulator) to facilitate interoperability tests.