Gdynia/Warsaw, Poland, 7 September 2016: Orange Polska and VECTOR have signed a master agreement on the implementation of Converton, a dedicated access solution. Thanks to Converton, it is possible to provide high-speed internet services wherever there is no possibility to lay a new fibre cable connection in the end part of network (in the subscriber’s home), but there is existing coaxial access.

This solution is an effect of cooperation of both companies on the level of business and technology. As a result, the technology used in Converton is best suited to the existing assumptions of the operator.

Subscriber expectations of a faster Internet connection have led to changes in access infrastructure” said Jacek Gwizdak, Business Development Director at VECTOR TECHNOLOGIES. “Development is often stifled by the lack of technical or business opportunities to modify the end section of a user’s network. This has led to the development of Converton, a device which allows a high-throughput signal to be delivered to the subscriber using a coaxial cable, without the need to alter the end part of the network”

VECTOR’s solution enables fast and secure deployment of services, while maintaining the existing methods of network and service management, with no additional investment costs required.