Customer profile

A leading provider of triple-play services operating in the Benelux. Considering the impressive base of over 1.5 million fixed broadband and 2.5 million mobile subscribers, it constantly improves its network based on the latest telecommunication technologies.

Challenges Overview

A telecom operator wanted to introduce a new broadband service to the network. The main prerequisite for the project rollout was to upgrade the cable broadband equipment to the latest firmware version.
What initially seemed like a straightforward task, turned out to be time consuming and had to be done in a secure manner to maintain the required SLAs for end customers and minimize the risk of churn.


We prepared the scope and procedure of the regression test in cooperation with the operator’s engineering team. It covered areas related to management, security, performance, CPE, high availability, OSS, and IPv4/v6 protocols.
In the next step, we mirrored the clients’ architecture in our laboratory to achieve the highest accuracy of the outcome. In order to minimize potential human errors and address the repetitive tasks, we used our automation framework.
In accordance with our best practices, in the event of potential firmware bugs, we interfaced with the vendor directly, without unnecessary customer involvement.


  • Bridging the gap in client resources with our multiple technological competencies
  • Detecting all errors with root cause analysis before projects rollout. The risk of interruptions of broadband services for subscribers has been eliminated
  • Deploying the service without delays
  • The budget assumptions were met by minimizing OPEX costs