• The small size of the FSK receiver and IS module enables easy implementation in the field
  • Low power consumption of the FSK receiver
  • No necessity for changes in the power system thanks to the low power consumption of modules
  • Widely adjustable range of transmitted frequency of the HEC
  • Two operation modes of the system: carrier without modulation (for network adjustment) and carrier with modulation (transmission)
  • High responsivity: IS changes the state within 20ms (50 IS per 1s)
  • FSK detection function for status signalling
  • The system works with different channel plans: mixed and full digital loading

Sources of ingress and the reduction of ingress effects:

1. Reduce the time services are unavailable to subscribers
2. Reduce defect correction costs
3. Reduce the quantity of subscribers affected during the occurrence of ingress
4. Exploit the return channel bandwidth more effectively

Ingress is a problem which occurs in every cable television network. Whenever it is present there are generally serious operational issues, including the most consumer sensitive one – the disturbance of upstream communication of cable modems. In a highly competitive Broadband market, Quality of Service is vital to customer retention as well as customer acquisition – hence combating Ingress constitutes a top priority for Operators across the world.

How system works

The ingress switch system provides a simple and intuitive solution to locate the source of ingress in the coaxial cable distribution plant of an HFC network. It comprises of Headend Controller, CLI interface and IS plant modules installed in amplifiers or nodes. This combination of equipment makes solution the most efficient and convenient solution for ensuring network reliability by detecting, locating, and resolving ingress in a matter of minutes.

Headend Controller

The HEADEND unit is a powerful headend microcomputer. The VECTOR Ingress Guard Headend Equipment Controller controls the status of addressable IS and ALSC modules also update FW the modules, amplifiers and nodes.

Wideband FSK receiver with IS

The “IS modules” modules are return path switches that can be installed in the VECTOR product line and major brands of optical nodes, distribution amplifiers and line extenders to help manage ingress in the return path. Designed as a retrofit for existing nodes and amplifiers, it preserves the value of already installed equipment with no necessity to add a new line of devices in the cable plant.



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