Customer profile

One of the largest providers of broadband internet, digital television, telephony, and mobile services in Poland.
To maintain their competitive advantage and to meet clients’ increasing needs for bandwidth they are obliged to continuously introduce state-of-the-art broadband technology.

Challenges Overview

A highly scalable and reliable optical IP routing infrastructure is essential to connect the video core, data, and management systems with remote node devices. The evolution toward Digital Fiber within an access network was a huge challenge for telecom operators due to a major problem with the availability of a qualified workforce.
Providing the client with pretested deployment instruction, allowing for seamless and immediate configuration of all devices in the CIN (Converged Interconnect Network) was the overarching goal of our case.


Having been selected as a partner for the design, we immediately designated an experienced engineering team to work hand in hand with the customer. Prior to PoC testing in a customer’s real-life network, we made a significant investment in our purpose-built laboratory, both in terms of specialists and network solution testing equipment, all to mirror our client’s environment locally.
Validating CIN network and video service deployment confirmed our High-Level and Low-Level Designs (HLD and LLD) usability and faultlessness. Gathering and emulating upcoming requirements for 5G and PON backhaul allowed us to build a future-proof and end-to-end solution.


  • Emerging our client as a European leader in introducing Video service over Distributed Access Architecture
  • Mitigating the implementation and operational issues, early in the network life cycle, without the complexity, or limitations of building customers’ own network laboratory
  • Improving business outcomes and accelerating new services’ time to market without the cost of gaining technical expertise in new technology