BE ABLE TO HELP: The VECTOR Group funds the purchase of a ventilator for Szpitale Pomorskie (Pomeranian Hospitals) and supports the fight against COVID-19.

Solidarity and active operations within the meaning of social responsibility are very important, and at the time of the coronavirus pandemic, they assume a particular significance.  Together with the VECTOR Group, which operates on the global information and communication technologies (ICT) market, we allocated funds to purchase a ventilator which will go to the Pomeranian hospitals fighting the coronavirus. Within the next few weeks, the device will arrive at the Szpitale Pomorskie company, which manages the following facilities:

  • Szpital Morski im. PCK w Gdyni (the Polish Red Cross Marine Hospital in Gdynia)
  • Szpital Specjalistyczny F. Ceynowy w Wejherowie (F. Ceynowa Specialist Hospital in Wejherowo)
  • Szpital Św. Wincentego A Paulo w Gdyni (Saint Vincent de Paul Hospital in Gdynia)
  • Pomorskie Centrum Chorób Zakaźnych i Gruźlicy w Gdańsku (Pomeranian Centre for Infectious Diseases and Tuberculosis in Gdansk)

“The whole world is now facing a huge challenge, which is the coronavirus pandemic. The crisis situation most affects hospitals, which despite the heroic attitude of the staff, often struggle with a lack of medical equipment. Therefore, we decided to support Szpitale Pomorskie and transfer funds for the purchase of a ventilator. As a result, doctors and nurses will be able to help more patients in need”, says Małgorzata Mierzejewska-Kajut, Vice President of the Management Board of the VECTOR Group.

The VECTOR group hopes that the new medical equipment will help hospitals reduce the effects of the pandemic, and will also serve patients in the future.

To learn more visit BE ABLE TO HELP website.

VECTOR TECHNOLOGIES precautions against coronavirus outbreak

Along with the development of the situation concerning the coronavirus-related risk in Poland, the VECTOR Group takes intensified precautions in all areas of its activities.

The Crisis Management Team is acting under the Business Continuity Plan, being responsible for minimising the impact of the current situation on our business activity. Within this scope, we focus on ensuring business continuity of our teams.

So far the current events have affected our capacity for the timely order performance only in a limited way. However, this situation is volatile and dynamic. If any confirmed problems with timely order performance occur, we will contact you immediately.

We believe that taking excessive care of our employees is essential. Therefore, those who can work remotely from home to avoid interacting with other people. Although we have limited the number of face to face meetings, we are available all the time. You can contact us by phone, e-mail or MS Teams.

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