• Ability to operate at low optical power levels
  • One or two inputs version
  • Built-in optical AGC
  • SNMP monitoring
  • WEB Interface
  • Electronic management
  • Digital indication of input optical power level
  • A high RF output level over the entire range of AGC

LAMBDA PRO 71 / 72 are a modern optical receivers, de¬signed for FTTx or video overlay optical transmission systems.

Low-noise receiver is able to operate at low optical power levels, which are characteristic for a FTTB architectures. It allows to reduce costs connected witch an optical budget on the station site. The receiver can be equipped in one or two optical inputs. The second optical receiver in the LAMBDA PRO 72 version allows for auto switch in case of loss of signal on one of the inputs.

Adjustment of the optical node has been simplifi ed due to its microprocessor control unit that enables uninterruptible adjustment. This solution, and the redundancy system enhance the network reliability, allow to reduce costs of network maintenance, eliminate the necessity of using the plug-in modules for confi guration and simplify adjustment and handling of receiver.

LAMBDA PRO 71 / 72 are equipped with a SNMP monitoring module, which enables the remote monitoring and management of the receiver parameters. Additionally, there is a possibility of monitoring the optical input power, voltage, receiver’s temperature, grouped output signal levels and condition of the signal on the inputs.

AGC system and the modern receiver provides the stable output level, regardless of change in optical power over a wide range.
These features of the LAMBDA PRO 71 / 72 receivers, high output level and low noise allow for a cost eff ective design and construction of the network.




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