• Optical AGC
  • Digital indication of input optical power level
  • Ability to operate at low optical power levels
  • High power output
  • No additional plug-ins required
  • Local powering 230 V AC
  • Low power consumption

LAMBDA PRO 70 is an optical receiver, designed for FTTx or video overlay optical transmission systems. Built-in electronic adjustment of optical gain parameters and optical AGC help to reduce a receiver installation time and greatly simplify network maintenance.
The AGC circuit compensates for changes in optical power providing stable RF output level, regardless from the input signal changes.

There is no need for additional modules, which are necessary to control and confi gure the receiver. It reduces costs of network management and simplify network maintenance. Measurement of optical power level does not require additional equipment, as is indicated on the LED display installed in the receiver and allowing for quick installation of the receiver.

Application LAMBDA PRO 70, in conjunction with the high output level, enables a very cost-eff ective network design.


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