• icon 12ghz
    1.2 GHz technology
    An extended bandwidth in DS up to 1.2 GHz, compliant with the DOCSIS 3.1
  • icon 1ghz
    1GHz technology
    - An extended bandwidth in downstream up to 1 GHz, compliant with the DOCSIS 3.1 standard
  • icon 200mhz
    200MHz technology
    A possibility of extending bandwidth in US up to 200 MHz, compliant with the DOCSIS 3.1
  • icon fttb
    FTTB (Fiber To The Building) design RFoG MDU/FTTB
    To be used in a modern FTTH architecture RFoG MDU/Fiber To The Building
  • icon burst
    BURST mode
    A laser lifetime significantly extended; noise reduction; reduced energy consumption
  • icon obifree
    Device designed to work in OBI FREE system
  • icon gan
    GaN Technology
    Low power consumption due to the output parameters for RF and digital carriers
  • icon alsc
    ALSC (Automatic Level Slope Control) feature
    Flat and stable Output characteristics due to the compensation of temperature changes in the cables
  • icon agc
    Optical AGC
    The AGC circuit compensates for changes in the optical power, providing a stable RF Output level, regardless of the input signal changes
  • icon ec
    Electronic Control
    A quick and uninterrupted device configuration
  • icon ec
    VMC (VECTOR Mobile Commander)
    Convenient and user-friendly configuration through mobile devices
  • icon hht
    HHT (Hand Held Terminal) support
    A quick and intuitive configuration of devices; the electronic documentation of the network
  • icon led
    Electronic adjustment
    A quick and uninterrupted device configuration; the large stocks of the plug-in modules not needed anymore
  • icon jxp
    JXP configuration
    A simple and cost-effective configuration of devices with the plug-in modules
  • icon nms
    NMS transponder
    Reduced operating costs thanks to the remote monitoring and configuration
  • icon vig
    VIG (VECTOR INGRESS GUARD) system compliant
    Verification and elimination of the source of ingress in the network
  • Web server
    A remote monitoring and configuration of parameters via a built-in web server
  • icon alsc
    CMS (Craft Management Software) compliant
    An easy and convenient process of network documentation thanks to the CMS software
  • icon filter
    Integration of optical passives
    A possibility of installing CWDM / DWDM / WDM filters inside the housing
  • icon xpon
    xPON port
    A flexible solution to be used in the scenarios combined with xPON networks
  • icon green
    GREEN mode - Intelligent Power Consumption
    A significant reduction of power use thanks to optimization of its consumption
  • icon lnrx
    Low Noise Receiver
    CAPEX optimization by reducing the number of the required active devices
  • icon alsc
    ALSC (Automatic Level and Slope Control)
    Flat and stable Output characteristics due to the compensation of temperature changes in the cables.
  • icon daa
    DAA (Distributed Access Architecture)
    Prepared for digital optics and RPD or RMD Module




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Выходной уровень: CTB ≤ -60 дБн

Выходной уровень: CSO ≤ -60 дБн



85…258 – 1218 МГц

2 x 28 ± 0,75 дБ

± 0,75 дБ

± 0.75 дБ

2 x 118 dдБмкВ

2 x 120 дБмкВ

2 x 112 дБмкВ

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