• icon 12ghz
    1.2 GHz technology
    An extended bandwidth in DS up to 1.2 GHz, compliant with the DOCSIS 3.1
  • icon 200mhz
    200MHz technology
    A possibility of extending bandwidth in US up to 200 MHz, compliant with the DOCSIS 3.1
  • icon gan
    GaN Technology
    Low power consumption due to the output parameters for RF and digital carriers
  • icon ec
    Electronic Control
    A quick and uninterrupted device configuration
  • icon ec
    VMC (VECTOR Mobile Commander)
    Convenient and user-friendly configuration through mobile devices
  • icon vig
    VIG (VECTOR INGRESS GUARD) system compliant
    Verification and elimination of the source of ingress in the network
  • icon filter
    Integration of optical passives
    A possibility of installing CWDM / DWDM / WDM filters inside the housing
  • icon green
    GREEN mode - Intelligent Power Consumption
    A significant reduction of power use thanks to optimization of its consumption
  • icon daa
    DAA (Distributed Access Architecture)
    Prepared for digital optics and RPD or RMD Module




General Specifications
AC voltage range 30 – 65 V A
Maximum current for RF / AC IN Port 10 / 15 A
Power consumption (typ.) < 55 W DC1)
< 70 W AC1)
Operating temperature range -40 – +60 °C
Fort 3 configuration (by plug-in modules) 3-rd RF Output (passive split ) / RF Input (local RF injection)
RF connectors 3 x PG 11
Protection class IP 67
Dimensions (W x L x H) 255 x 245 x 175 mm
RPD Module
SFP+ Ports Primary 1 x 10GE (ETH 0)
Secondary 1 x 10GE (ETH 1)
Timing Support IEEE 1588v2 PTP Ordinary Clock Slave
Multicast Support IGMP v2/v3 and MLD v1/v2
Authentication 802.1X port-based EAP-TLS
DOCSIS 3.0 DS Channels 48 Annex A/B
Video QAM DS Channels 96 Annex A, 128 Annex B/C
DOCSIS 3.1 OFDM DS Channels 6 x 192 MHz
DOCSIS 3.0 US Channels 1 or 2 service groups x 12 ATDMA each
DOCSIS 3.1 OFDMA US Channels 1 or 2 service groups x 2 OFDMA (96 MHz)
DOCSIS Operation Mode Remote PHY
OOB DS SCTE 55-1 & 55-2, 3 x Narrow & Wide NDF
OOB US SCTE 55-1 & 55-2, 3 x NDR
AGC, Alignment and Leakage Detection Tones 4 x Dedicated CW (54 MHz to 1218MHz)
158 x SC-QAM as CW (54 MHz to 1002 MHz)
Video QAM Input Support MPTS over L2TPv3, R-DEPI 10ms de-jitter, PCR restamping, NULL insertion/deletion, Synchronous and Asynchronous mode support
Control & Management
Primary Interface Connected CCAP Core(s)
Troubleshooting Interface Secure Shell (SSH)
Text-Based User Interface (TUI)
Vector Mobile Commander Application
RF Specifications
Return Loss 16 dB min, 18 dB typ
Maximum Output Power 2 x +52 dBmV
MER (equalized) > 43 dB (minimum value),  45 dB (typical)
Downstream Linear Tilt (Software Controlled) 2-22 dB over 108-1218 MHz
Diplexer Options (Field-Replaceable) 5-85, 102-1218 MHz
5-42, 54-1006 MHz
5-65, 85-1218 MHz
5-204, 258-1218 MHz
Upstream Nominal Set Point, DOCSIS -3 to +18 dBmV / 6.4 MHz
Upstream Ingress Switch (SW Controlled) 0, -6dB, -40dB per Node RF Port
Downstream Service Groups 1
Upstream Service Groups 2
Service Group Configs 1×1 or 1×2

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