To transform, or not to transform towards Distributed Access Architecture – e-book

Date of publication: 21.06.2018

Multiple System Operators require a robust technology solution that will meet rising customer demand and drive new revenue opportunities in the future. Not surprisingly, MSOs are turning their attention towards Fiber Deep and Distributed Access Architecture (DAA) for their infrastructure. Although HFC Networks are facing some serious challenges, cable access technology isn’t finished yet. Moreover, its latest developments allow it to compete with any other type of access network. 

VECTOR TECHNOLOGIES strive to deliver a quick response to the current and future challenges of network evolution. We help telecommunication operators select advanced technology solutions. Our involvement in the Open RPD initiative alongside the Remote PHY and Remote MAC-PHY standard development made us create this unique material.

In this e-book we would like to:

  • emphasise that network transformation is inevitable for MSOs to provide compelling value to their customers;
  • point out the most likely scenarios in introducing Distributed Access Architecture;
  • recommend a future-proof solution.

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